A string containing the row data content of the DataWindow object in XHTML format.

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If any of the Export.XHTML properties have been set, the string that is generated reflects the values of these properties.

The resulting XHTML string contains a <form> element that supports data input, which works with separate client scripts for data validation and events.

The generated XHTML string also includes:

JavaScript for navigation passes the state of the DataWindow back to the page server in two variables: objectname_action and objectname_context. It also passes back any page parameters defined in the HTMLGen.SelfLinkArgs property. All applicable values also affect the way the XHTML is generated.

The resulting XML Web DataWindow is a client-side control for a Web page, such as a JSP page, with events and methods that can cooperate with a server component for a Web-based data entry application.


Example 1

The following statements set the template used by the DataWindow dw1 to t_report and return the generated XHTML document to the string ls_XHTML. To generate the string, the final statement invokes the XML Web DataWindow generator to generate the XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript components, applying the t_report template to the generated XHTML and CSS style sheet.

[Visual Basic]
dw1.Modify("DataWindow.Export.XHTML.UseTemplate =
strXHTML = dw1.Describe("DataWindow.Data.XHTML")