A string containing HTML and JavaScript that represents data and presentation of the DataWindow object.

The data is presented in a read-only HTML table or data-entry form, depending on settings of other properties.

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When HTMLDW is set to False, the value of Data.HTML is the same as the value of HTMLTable—a read-only HTML table that displays all retrieved rows.

When the HTMLDW property is set to True, the value of Data.HTML is a form that supports data input with client scripts for data validation and events. The generated string for Data.HTML includes:

JavaScript for navigation passes the state of the DataWindow back to the page server in two variables: objectname_action and objectname_context. It also passes back any page parameters defined in the HTMLGen.SelfLinkArgs property. All the values affect the way HTML is generated.

The resulting Web DataWindow is a client-side control for a Web page with events and methods that can cooperate with a server component for a Web-based data entry application. For more information about the Web DataWindow, see the Programmer’s Guide.


If the DataWindow is in print preview mode, or there are no columns with non-zero tab order, the setting of HTMLDW is ignored and the generated HTML is a read-only table, not a data-entry form.


Example 1

[Visual Basic]
strHtml = dw1.Describe("DataWindow.Data.HTML")