Database Tools

You will use Sybase Data Federation tools to work with data stored in relational databases. These tools allow you to provision data into the data catalog and set access controls; and to integrate, combine, and transform data into the formats required by your users and applications.

The primary tasks associated with setting up federated data access are:

After the source data and the various integration services have been provisioned and defined in the data catalog, end users and applications can access or invoke these data sources and services using several means: transparent file system access via NFS or CIFS, web services (SOAP, the Simple Object Access Protocol), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), or Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). You can also access data sources through WorkSpace Data Federation and use them to create data services. When considering the various means for provisioning data and implementing integration operations, you will want to consider which end users or applications will need to access it. One of the strengths of Data Federation is that you can make the same data accessible via a number of interfaces or protocols, serving multiple constituents without having to perform any extra work.

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