dbcc stored procedures

These are the syntax and very brief descriptions for Adaptive Server dbcc stored procedures. See Reference Manual: Procedures for complete information.


Changes the size of the specified workspace to a specified value, and initializes the workspace.

sp_dbcc_alterws dbname, wsname, "wssize[K|M]"


Generates a report that describes the configuration information used by the dbcc checkstorage operation for the specified database.

sp_dbcc_configreport [dbname]


Creates a workspace of the specified type and size on the specified segment and database.

sp_dbcc_createws dbname, segname, [wsname], wstype, "wssize[K|M]"


Deletes from dbccdb all the information related to the specified target database.

sp_dbcc_deletedb [dbname | dbid]


Deletes the results of dbcc checkstorage operations performed on the target database before the specified date and time. sp_dbcc_deletehistory does not free any space associated with the deleted historical data, as workspaces are pre-allocated and of a fixed size.

sp_dbcc_deletehistory [cutoffdate [, dbname | dbid]]


Generates a report that highlights the changes in I/O statistics and faults that took place between two dbcc operations.

sp_dbcc_differentialreport [dbname [, objectname]], 
	[db_op] [, "date1" [, "date2"]]


Recomputes configuration information for the target database and compares it to the current configuration information.

sp_dbcc_evaluatedb [dbname]


Allows the user to create and manage persistent exclusion lists for use by checkverify and sp_dbcc_faultreport.

sp_dbcc_exclusions dbname, op, type, exclusion_list


Generates a report covering fault statistics for the dbcc checkstorage operations performed for the specified object in the target database on the specified date.The report lists the tables and indexes in order.

sp_dbcc_faultreport [report_type [, dbname [, objectname
	[, date [, hard_only [, exclusion_mode[, exclusion_faults
	[, exclusion_tables [, exclusion_combo 
	[, display_recommendations [, opid [,fault_type_in]]]]]]]]]]]]


Runs sp_dbcc_summaryreport, sp_dbcc_configreport, sp_dbcc_statisticsreport, and sp_dbcc_faultreport short for database..object_name on or before the specified date.

sp_dbcc_fullreport [dbname [, objectname [, date]]]


Provides a description of the specified fault type and the recommended fix.

sp_dbcc_help_fault [fault_type]


Facilitates reporting on aborted checkverify and checkstorage operations.

sp_dbcc_patch_finishtime dbname, opid [,optype [,seq [,finishtime]]]


Analyzes faults reported by the checkstorage operation corresponding to the specified operation ID, or date, and generates a list of recommended corrective actions for the specified object in the target database.

sp_dbcc_recommendations dbname [,“date”[, opid [, “objectname”]]]


Runs dbcc checkstorage on the specified database, then runs sp_dbcc_summaryreport or a report you specify.

sp_dbcc_runcheck dbname [, user_proc]


Generates an allocation statistics report on the specified object in the target database.

sp_dbcc_statisticsreport [dbname [, objectname [, date]]]


Generates a summary report on the specified database.

sp_dbcc_summaryreport [dbname [, date [, op_name [,


Updates the dbcc_config table in dbccdb with the configuration information of the target database.

sp_dbcc_updateconfig dbname, type, "str1" [, "str2"]