Enabling Integrated or Mixed Login Security Mode

Specify the login security mode.

  1. Log in to Windows using an account with Windows administrator privileges
  2. Start the Server Config utility.
  3. Complete the initial steps to configure SAP ASE.
  4. Click Login Security in the Configure SAP ASE Enterprise dialog box.
  5. Click Integrated, then click Continue.
  6. Set the login security mode:
    • Integrated mode – click Automatic Login for Trusted Connections (Named Pipes) Only option.
    • Mixed Media mode – click Trusted First and SAP ASE Login for Excluded (i.e., NetWare, TCPIP).
  7. Enter the name of the default user account to use for trusted connections. SAP ASE uses this value when it cannot locate the user name in syslogins.
  8. Enter either the default domain name or the workstation's network name.
  9. Click Map Characters to configure SAP ASE mappings under an Integrated security mode.
  10. Select any invalid character to be mapped to each valid SAP ASE character.
  11. Click OK several times to exit from the dialog boxes. Then click Save, and Exit to quit Server Config.
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