Character Mappings

Certain characters that are valid for Windows user names are invalid in SAP ASE login user names.

Such characters include:

Character mapping lets you determine how these invalid characters can be converted into characters that are valid for SAP ASE.

For example, the Windows user name “t-johns” contains a dash character (-), which is invalid in SAP ASE. You can map the dash character to a valid “at” sign (@) to make the user name compatible with SAP ASE, as “t@john”. The mapping stores the dash as an “at” sign, but displays it as a dash.

When you first install SAP ASE, the installation program maps a few invalid characters to the valid characters.

Default Mapping Values

Invalid Character

Valid Mapped Character

Domain separator (\)

Underscore (_)

Hyphen (-)

Pound sign (#)

Space ( )

Dollar sign ($)

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