(Windows only) Starts an SAP ASE mail session.


xp_startmail [mail_user ] [, mail_password]




Additional considerations when using xp_startmail:
  • xp_startmail does not start an SAP ASE mail session if one is already running.

  • An SAP ASE mail session must be started, either by an explicit call to xp_startmail or by configuring the SAP ASE server to start an SAP ASE mail session automatically at start-up, before any Sybmail-related system ESPs or the sp_processmail stored procedure can be executed. See start mail session in the System Administration Guide for information about initiating an SAP ASE mail session automatically at start-up.

  • When the Windows automail session is not on, you must use the mail_user and mail_password parameters with xp_startmail.

  • To see the default mail_user value from the fullname field for the “sybmail” user account, use the sp_displaylogin system procedure as follows:

        sp_displaylogin sybmail


By default, only a system administrator can execute xp_startmail. A system administrator can grant this permission to other users.

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