System Extended Stored Procedures

System extended stored procedures (ESPs) are supplied by SAP.

  • ESPs are created by installmaster during the installation process. They are located in the sybsystemprocs database and owned by the system administrator. They can be run from any database.

  • Permissions are set in the sybsystemprocs database.

    Users with the sa_role have default execution permissions on the system ESPs. These System Administrators can grant execution permissions to other users.

  • You can get the names of the DLLs associated with the system ESPs by running sp_helpextendedproc in the sybsystemprocs database.

  • The system ESPs follow the same calling conventions as the regular system procedures. The only additional requirement for system ESPs is that the Open Server application, XP Server, must be running. The SAP ASE server starts XP Server the first time an ESP is invoked. XP Server continues to run until you shut down the SAP ASE server.