load transaction Restrictions

Restrictions for using load transaction.

  • You cannot load a dump that was generated on a version earlier than 11.9 server.

  • The database and transaction logs must be at the same release level.

  • Load transaction logs in chronological order.

  • You cannot load from the null device (on UNIX, /dev/null).

  • You cannot use load transaction after an online database command that performs an upgrade. The correct sequence for upgrading a database is load database, load transaction, online database.

  • Do not issue online database until all transaction logs are loaded. The command sequence is:
    1. Load database

    2. Load transaction (repeat as needed)

    3. Online database

    However, to load additional transaction logs while retaining read-only access to the database (a typical “warm backup” situation), use the dump tran for standby_access option to generate the transaction dumps. You can then issue online database for standby_access for read-only access.
  • You cannot use the load transaction command in a user-defined transaction.