Using the for load Option

You can use the for load option for recovering from media failure or for moving a database from one machine to another, if you have not added to the database with sp_addsegment.

Use alter database for load to create a new database in the image of the database from which the database dump to be loaded was made. For a discussion of duplicating space allocation when loading a dump into a new database, see the System Administration Guide.

When you create a database using the for load option, you can run only the following commands in the new database before loading a database dump:
  • alter database for load

  • drop database

  • load database

After you load the database dump into the new database, you can also use some dbcc diagnostic commands in the databases. After you issue the online database command, there are no restrictions on the commands you can use.

A database created with the for load option has a status of “don’t recover” in sp_helpdb output.