SAP ASE Upgrades

You can upgrade to SAP ASE version 16.0 from versions 12.5.4 or later.

Upgrades are supported only between nonclustered editions of SAP ASE. You cannot upgrade from SAP® Adaptive Server Enterprise® Cluster Edition to a nonclustered edition.

You can upgrade to SAP ASE version 16.0 from versions 12.5.4, 15.0 through 15.7 by executing the upgrade sequence from the same node on which the database resides. This is a major upgrade, and requires that you perform preupgrade tasks.

You can upgrade from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version.

You cannot upgrade to this version of SAP ASE from: If you are running either of these versions, upgrade first to version 12.5.4 before upgrading to version 16.0.

If your server has replicated databases, consult the Replication Server Configuration Guide before starting the upgrade preparatory tasks.

Only upgrades to and from the same page size are supported. Use sybmigrate to re-create the schema and load data from one page size to another. See the Utility Guide.

SAP ASE version 16.0 includes both new and changed system catalogs that may affect your existing applications. See the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise New Feature Guide for a complete list.

Warning!  Once you upgrade to SAP ASE 16.0, you cannot revert back to an earlier version.
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