Managing SAP ASE with SAP Control Center

SAP® Control Center (SCC) provides a single, comprehensive, Web-administration console for real-time performance, status, and availability monitoring of large-scale SAP enterprise servers.

SAP Control Center combines a modular architecture, a rich-client administrative console, agents, common services, and tools for managing and controlling SAP products. It includes historical monitoring, threshold-based alerts and notifications, alert-based script execution, and intelligent tools for identifying performance and usage trends.

The SAP ASE installer installs these SAP Control Center components:

In addition, you must also install the SCC Management User Interface for SAP ASE in the custom installation option by selecting the SAP Control Center Management User Interface for SAP ASE feature. This feature provides the GUI that allows you to manage and monitor activities in SAP ASE using a Web browser.

In some cases, you may want to use a central SCC server to manage multiple SAP ASE servers and other products rather than using the SCC server that is installed with each SAP ASE server. Deployment considerations include: See Preinstallation Tasks in SAP Control Center Installation Guide for details on installation and deployment considerations.

In a production environment, we recommend that you install the SCC server on a machine other than the one you plan to run SAP ASE on.

See the following for detailed SCC information:
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