Manually Upgrading SAP ASE

You can upgrade manually without using a wizard or utility.

Source SYBASE.csh to set up the environment variables if you have not already done so.

To upgrade SAP ASE manually, use the upgrade executable located in $SYBASE/ASE-16_0/bin.

  1. Shut down:
    • The pre-16.0 SAP ASE server
    • All additional servers that are using the same $SYBASE directory as the SAP ASE
  2. If you installed ASE 16.0 into a directory other than the old ASE directory, copy the server entry from the old interfaces file to the new interfaces file.
  3. Copy the server_name.cfg file from old directory to the new $SYBASE directory.
  4. Start the 16.0 server with the old master device from the old server.
  5. Restart all the additional servers you shut down after shutting down the pre-16.0 SAP ASE.
  6. Run upgrade. If problems occur, fix them, and re-run the upgrade process.
  7. Reinstall the SAP ASE-supplied stored procedures to prevent any errors caused from changes to the system catalogs.