SySAM License Server

If you choose to use the served licensed model, make sure you have installed the required SySAM license server version.

The license server is a lightweight application that serves licenses to products running on any operating system.

A license server can run on a low-end machine or a machine with spare cycles. For example, a license server running on a Solaris UltraSparc-60 serving 100 different licenses to 200 product instances, used 50MB of memory, 5 minutes of CPU time per week, and 100MB of disk space per year.

SAP ASE 16.0 requires SySAM 2.3 or later. To determine the current license server version, use the sysam version command.
Note: This command is not available in SySAM version 2.0 and earlier.
Download the latest SySAM version from

SAP ASE 16.0 and SySAM 2.3 use FlexNet Publisher version 11.11.

To check the version of FlexNet Publisher used by your license server, examine the license server log or execute the lmgrd -v command.

The license server installer is available in the ASE_installer\sysam_setup directory.

Note: You cannot start the license server until there is at least one served license saved to the licenses directory on the license server host machine.