Obtaining a License

Before installing your product, choose a SySAM license model, and obtain license files from the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) at http://service.sap.com/licensekeys

Note: If you purchased your product from Sybase® or an authorized Sybase reseller and have not been migrated to SAP Service Marketplace (SMP), go to the Sybase Product Download Center (SPDC) at https://sybase.subscribenet.com to generate license keys.
  1. Choose a SySAM license model.
    License Model Description
    Unserved license model Licenses are obtained directly from the license file. If you are using an unserved license, save the license file to the machine on which you install the product.
    Served license model A license server manages the allocation of licenses among multiple machines.
    Note: The SAP ASE installer automatically installs a SySAM license server if you choose the full installation option or enter a served license when prompted for the SySAM license key. You can also install the license server using the installer's custom installation option. See the SySAM Users Guide to generate licenses.
  2. For the served license model, decide whether to use an existing or new license server.

    The license server and your product installation need not share the same machine, operating system, or architecture.

    Note: There can be only one instance of a SySAM license server running on a given machine. To set up a SySAM 2 license server on a machine that is already running a SySAM 1.0 license server, follow the migration instructions in the SySAM Users Guide. A migrated license server can serve licenses for both SySAM 1.0 and SySAM 2-enabled products.
  3. Get your host IDs.

    When you generate licenses, you must specify the host ID of the machine where the licenses will be deployed.

    • For unserved licenses – the host ID of the machine where the product will run. If you are running a product with per-CPU or per-chip licensing that supports SySAM sub-capacity and want to run the product in a virtualized environment, see SySAM Sub-capacity Licensing in the SySAM Users Guide.
    • For served licenses – the host ID of the machine where the license server will run.
  4. Before installing your product, obtain license files from SMP or from SPDC using the access information in your welcome e-mail message.
    Note: If you purchased your software from a reseller, rather than an e-mail message you may receive a Web key certificate that contains the location of the SPDC Web key login page at https://sybase.subscribenet.com/webkey and the activation key to use for the login name.
    If you plan to use sub-capacity licensing, see the SySAM Users Guide for information on how to configure using the sysamcap utility.
    Use sysadmin lmconfig to configure and show license management-related information in SAP® Replication Server®. See sysadmin lmconfig in the Reference Manual.