Changing SAP ASE Localization Configuration

Each language module uses approximately 2MB database space. If necessary, use the alter database command to increase the size of the master database before adding another language.

If you want to install more than one language on SAP ASE, and the master database is not large enough to manage more than one language, the transaction log may become too full. You can expand the master database only on the master device. See the System Administration Guide.

  1. Source SYBASE.csh or if you have not set up the SAP environment variables.
  2. To configure localization for SAP ASE on the server, start sqlloc:
  3. Select Localize an Existing Server.
  4. Select the server.
  5. Supply the user name and password. The user must have sa privileges.
  6. Next, supply the:
    • Default language

    • Default character set

    • Default sort order

  7. Select any other languages you want to install. You may select only languages that are supported by the default character set.

    The Add and Remove Languages window lists all SAP supported languages.

  8. The Localization Summary window summarizes the configuration options you selected. Click OK to confirm your selections.

    The Status Output window notifies you upon completing the installation.

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