Shutdown and Shared Memory Files

The method you select to shut down SAP ASE or Backup Server may affect shared memory segments.

When SAP ASE starts, it creates SERVER_NAME.krg file in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE directory to store information about shared memory segments that it uses.

If SAP ASE is configured with a memory size greater than the MAXSHMSEGSIZE parameter in the operating system, SAP ASE may create additional shared memory segments and for every additional shared memory segment that it creates, an additional file with SERVER_NAME.srg[N] (where N ranges from 0 – N), is created under $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE.

When SAP ASE is shut down in a normal manner, the shared memory files are automatically removed. If SAP ASE fails or is stopped with the kill -9 command, these files are not deleted. You need read and write permissions on these files to restart SAP ASE after a failure or a kill -9 command, because SAP ASE must be able to overwrite the previously created shared memory files.

Killing SAP ASE or Backup Server abnormally also leaves shared memory segments. Use the ipcs and ipcrm commands to identify and remove these shared memory segments that show a “NATTACH” count of 0.

See the UNIX man pages for more information about ipcs and ipcrm.