Stopping Backup Server

Only a system administrator can shut down a Backup Server.

  1. Use isql to log in to a server with system administrator privileges.
  2. Enter:
    1> shutdown SYB_BACKUP
    2> go

    After you shut down a Backup Server, you must wait at least 30 seconds before restarting it.

    Issuing the shutdown command prints a message similar to the stderr file:
    Backup Server: The Backup Server will go down immediately. 
    Terminating sessions.

    This is normal behavior. If a message indicates that SAP ASE or Backup Server is waiting for processes to complete, and you must stop SAP ASE or Backup Server immediately, use shutdown with nowait, which neither waits for currently executing statements to finish, nor performs checkpoints in every database.

    Note: SAP recommends that you use the shutdown with nowait command only when necessary.

    See the Reference Manual: Commands.