Preparation of a Raw Partition Device

Increase performance and avoid file damange by using best practices when preparing a raw partition device.

You may need to repartition the disk you choose. Contact your operating system administrator for assistance.
  • Do not initialize a database device on the partition that contains your SAP installation software. Doing so destroys all existing files on that partition.
  • You cannot mount a raw partition designated for use by SAP for use by the operating system for any other purpose, such as for file systems or swap space.
  • After a SAP configuration utility or the disk init command has initialized a portion of a partition as a database device, you cannot use the entire partition for any other purpose. To dynamically increase the size of your database devices, rather than initializing a new device, use disk resize.
  • For best performance, place the SAP software and all disk devices, including the master device, on the same machine.
  • To avoid any possibility of using a partition that contains the partition map, do not use cylinder 0.