Determine the Size of a Database Device

SAP ASE requires baseline values for each database device.

See the release bulletin for any last-minute changes to these values.

SAP ASE Database Devices
Device Purpose Minimum size Minimum recommended size
master Stores system databases 24MB for 2K pages

45MB for 4K pages

89MB for 8K pages

177MB for 16K pages





sysprocsdev (also called the sybsystemprocs device) Stores the sybsystemprocs database 160MB 172MB (plus any space for holding stored procedures you have created)
sybsystemdb Transaction processing 3MB for 2K pages

6MB for 4K pages

12MB for 8K pages

24MB for 16K pages

5 – 24MB
sybsecurity (optional) Required for auditing

10MB or size of the model database, whichever is larger

Depends on specific auditing needs

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