SQL-Derived Table Syntax

The query expression for a SQL-derived table is specified in the from clause of the select or select into command.

The syntax is:
from_clause ::=
	from table_reference [,table_reference]...
table_reference ::=
	table_view_name | ANSI_join
table_view_name ::=
	{table_view_reference | derived_table_reference}
	[holdlock | noholdlock]
table_view_reference ::=
	[[database.]owner.] {table_name | view_name}
	[[as] correlation_name]
	[index {index_name | table_name }]
	[parallel [degree_of_parallelism]]
	[prefetch size ]
	[lru | mru]
derived_table_reference ::=
	derived_table [as] correlation_name
	[’(’ derived_column_list’)’]
derived_column_list ::= column_name [’,’ column_name] ...
derived_table ::= ’(’ select ’)’

A derived-table expression is similar to the select in a create view statement and follows the same rules, except:

See “Restrictions on views” in the Usage section of create view in the Reference Manual: Commands.