max network packet size

max network packet size specifies the maximum network packet size that can be requested by clients communicating with SAP ASE.

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System administrator

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Network Communication

If some of your applications send or receive large amounts of data across the network, these applications can achieve significant performance improvement by using larger packet sizes. Two examples are large bulk-copy operations and applications that read or write large text, unitext, and image values.

Generally, you want:

max network packet size must always be as large as, or larger than, the default network packet size. Values that are not even multiples of 512 are rounded down.

For client applications that explicitly request a larger network packet size to receive, you must also configure additional network memory.

Open Client Server cannot accept a network packet size greater than 64K.

See bcp and isql in the Utility Guide for information on using larger packet sizes from these programs. Open Client Client-Library documentation includes information on using variable packet sizes.