Disabling Free-Space Accounting for Data Segments

Use the no free space acctg option to sp_dboption to disable free-space accounting on data segments. You cannot disable free-space accounting on the log segment.

Setting no free space acctg to true helps SAP ASE start faster after an abnormal shutdown or a shutdown with nowait. However, you should use no free space acctg only if you do not have thresholds on your data segments or mixed log and data.

When you disable free-space accounting, only the thresholds on your log segment monitor space usage; threshold procedures on your data segments do not execute when thresholds are crossed. Disabling free-space accounting speeds recovery time because free-space counts are not recomputed during recovery for any segment except the log segment.

After you disable data segment free-space accounting, the counts may be inaccurate, even after you set no free space acctg to false. Issuing shutdown with nowait and restarting SAP ASE forces SAP ASE to recalculate the free-space accounting, and may increase recovery time.

This example turns off free-space accounting for the production database:
sp_dboption production, 
     "no free space acctg", true