Rollback Records and the Last-Chance Threshold

Rollback records are logged whenever a transaction is rolled back. Servers save enough space to log a rollback record for every update belonging to an open transaction.

If a transaction completes successfully, no rollback records are logged, and the space reserved for them is released.

In long-running transactions, rollback records can reserve large amounts of space.

To check the space used by the syslogs, run sp_spaceused:
sp_spaceused syslogs

name            total_pages     free_pages      used_pages      reserved_pages 
--------------- --------------- --------------- -------------- --------------
syslogs                5632            1179            3783            670 
dbcc checktable(syslogs) produces similar output:
Checking syslogs: Logical pagesize is 2048 bytes 
The total number of data pages in this table is 3761. 
*** NOTICE: Space used on the log segment is 3783 pages (7.39 Mbytes), 67.17%.
*** NOTICE: Space reserved on the log segment is 670 pages (1.31 Mbytes), 11.90%.
*** NOTICE: Space free on the log segment is 1179 pages (2.30 Mbytes), 20.93%.

If the last chance threshold for the transaction log fires when it seems to have sufficient space, it may be the space reserved for rollbacks that is causing the problem.

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