Configuring Shared Memory Dumps

Use the memory dump compression level configuration parameter to configure SAP ASE to compress shared memory dump files, which significantly reduces the size of them.

Enabling memory dump compression level can significantly reduce the size of the shared memory dump files generated by SAP ASE.

Use sp_shmdumpconfig to configure the shared memory dumps.

The syntax is:
sp_shmdumpconfig "action", type, value, max_dumps, dump_dir,
dump_file, option1, option2, option3, option4, option5

The action parameter determines how SAP ASE processes the dump. See the Reference Manual: Commands.

Note: Shared memory dump files are created to assist SAP Customer Support in analyzing problems in SAP ASE. Use sp_shmdumpconfig only under the direction of SAP Customer Support.

This example issues sp_shmdumpconfig with no parameters to display the current configuration for shared memory dumps:

Configured Shared Memory Dump Conditions

   Defaults   ---
     Maximum Dumps:          1
     Halt Engines:           Halt
     Cluster:                Local
     Page Cache:             Omit
     Procedure Cache:        Include
     Unused Space:           Omit
     Dump Directory:         $SYBASE
     Dump File Name:         Generated File Name
     Estimated File Size:    100 MB

Current number of conditions: 0
Maximum number of conditions: 10

Configurable Shared Memory Dump Configuration Settings
Dump on conditions: 1
Number of dump threads: 1
Include errorlog in dump file: 1
Merge parallel files after dump: 1

Server Memory Allocation
Procedure Cache  Data Caches  Server  Memory  Total Memory
---------------  -----------  -------------  ------------
          16 MB         9 MB           85 MB        108 MB
This example configures SAP ASE to perform a shared memory dump whenever it encounters a signal 11 (that is, a segmentation fault):
sp_shmdumpconfig "add", signal, 11,1,"dump_dir"