Configure Local and Remote Backup Servers

Before you perform dumps and loads, you must configure the local and remote Backup Servers at start-up by providing appropriate values for the system resources that are controlled by the command line options.

See the Utility Guide for a complete list of the command line options.

If your system resources are not configured properly, the dump or load may fail. For example, a remote dump to more than 25 stripes with the local and remote Backup Servers started with default configuration fails, because the maximum number of network connections that Backup Server can originate (specified by the -N option) is 25; however, by default, the maximum number of server connections into the remote Backup Server (specified by the -C option) is 30.

To configure the system to use the higher stripe limitations, set the following operating system parameters:

If these parameters are not configured properly, when a dump is started to (or a load is started from) a large number of stripes, the operation may abort because of lack of system resources. You receive a message that Backup Server cannot create or attach to a shared memory segment and therefore, the SYBMULTBUF processes are terminated.