RPC and CIS Transactions

Local SAP ASE transactions can update data in remote servers by using Transact-SQL remote procedure calls (RPCs) and Component Integration Services (CIS).

RPC updates are accomplished by executing an RPC from within a locally-created transaction. For example:
sp_addserver westcoastsrv, ASEnterprise, hqsales
begin transaction rpc_tran1
update sales set commission=300 where salesid="12OZ"
exec westcoastsrv.salesdb..recordsalesproc
commit rpc_tran1

This transaction updates the sales table on the local SAP ASE, but also updates data on a remote server using the RPC, recordsalesproc.

CIS provides a way to update data on remote tables as if those tables were local. By using sp_addobjectdef users can create local objects in SAP ASE that reference remote data. Updating the local object modifies data in the remote SAP ASE. For example:
sp_addobjectdef salesrec,
"westcoastsrv.salesdb..sales", "table"
begin transaction cis_tran1
update sales set commission=300 where salesid="12OZ"
update salesrec set commission=300 where salesid="12OZ"
commit cis_tran1