Behavior for Transaction Manager-Coordinated Transactions

SAP ASE natively implements several features that were part of the XA-Library and XA-Server products, and provides recovery procedures for prepared transactions coordinated via the X/Open XA protocol.

The XA interface to SAP ASE accommodates these distributed transaction management features. Changes to the XA interface are transparent to X/Open XA client applications. However, you must link SAP ASE DTM XA interface to your X/Open XA transaction manager in order to use SAP ASE as a resource manager. Details on all XA interface changes are described in the XA Interface Integration Guide for CICS, Encina, and TUXEDO.

SAP ASE also includes support for distributed transactions coordinated by MSDTC. MSDTC clients can communicate directly with SAP ASE using the native interface. Clients can also communicate with one or more SAP ASE running on UNIX by using the DTM XA interface.

Note: MSDTC clients using the DTM XA interface must possess dtm_tm_role in the SAP ASE(s) they access. See the XA Interface Integration Guide for CICS, Encina, and TUXEDO for more information about dtm_tm_role.