Adding Memory to an Existing Named Cache

Use sp_cacheconfig to add memory to an existing cache.

The additional memory you allocate is added to the SAP ASE page size pool. For example, in a server with a logical page size of 4K, the smallest size for a pool is a 4K buffer pool. If the cache has partitions, additional memory is divided equally among them.

If there is insufficient memory available, SAP ASE allocates what it can, then allocates the full amount when you restart the server.

For example, to add 2MB to a cache named pub_cache (the current size is 10MB), enter:
sp_cacheconfig pub_cache, “12M”
After you add the memory, sp_cacheconfig output is:
sp_cacheconfig pub_cache
 Cache Name                     Status    Type     Config Value Run Value
------------------------------ --------- -------- ------------ ------------
pub_cache                      Active    Mixed      12.00 Mb       12.00 
------------ ------------
Total      12.00 Mb     12.00 Mb
Cache: pub_cache,   Status: Active,   Type: Mixed
Config Size: 12.00 Mb,   Run Size: 12.00 Mb
Config Replacement: strict LRU,   Run Replacement: strict LRU
Config Partition:            1,   Run Partition:            1

IO Size  Wash Size Config Size  Run Size     APF Percent
-------- --------- ------------ ------------ -----------
4 Kb   2456 Kb      0.00 Mb     12.00 Mb     10 

The change adds memory to the database page-size buffer pool and recalculates the wash size, as required. If the absolute value is set for wash size, SAP ASE does not recalculate it.

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