Insufficient Space for New Cache

If SAP ASE cannot allocate all the memory requested, it allocates all the available memory and issues an error message.

ASE is unable to get all the memory requested (%d). (%d) kilobytes have been allocated dynamically.

However, this additional memory is not allocated until the next restart of SAP ASE.

SAP ASE may notify you of insufficient space because some memory is unavailable due to resource constraints. System administrators should make sure these resource constraints are temporary. If the behavior persists, a subsequent restart may fail.

For example, if max memory is 700MB, pub_cache is 100MB, and the server’s total logical memory is 600MB, and you attempt to add 100MB to pub_cache, the additional memory fits into max memory. However, if the server can allocate only 90MB, then it dynamically allocates this amount, but the size field of the cache in the configuration file is updated to 100MB. On a subsequent restart, since SAP ASE obtains memory for all data caches at one time, the size of pub_cache is 100MB.

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