Identifying Heavy-Usage Applications

To identify the applications running on your system and the users who are running them, query the sysprocesses system table in the master database.

This query determines that isql, payroll, perl, and acctng are the only client programs whose names were passed to the SAP ASE:
select spid, cpu, physical_io,
  substring(user_name(uid),1,10) user_name,
  hostname, program_name, cmd 
from sysprocesses
spid  cpu    physical_io  user_name hostname program_name cmd
----  ---    -----------  --------- -------- ------------ ------
  17    4          12748  dbo       sabrina  isql         SELECT
 424    5              0  dbo       HOWELL   isql         UPDATE
 526    0            365  joe       scotty   payroll      UPDATE
 568    1           8160  dbo       smokey   perl         SELECT
 595   10              1  dbo       froth    isql         DELETE
 646    1              0  guest     walker   isql         SELECT
 775    4          48723  joe_user  mohindra acctng       SELECT

(7 rows affected)

Because sysprocesses is built dynamically to report current processes, repeated queries produce different results. Repeat this query throughout the day over a period of time to determine which applications are running on your system.

The CPU and physical I/O values are periodically flushed to the syslogins system table, where they increment the values shown by sp_reportstats.

After identifying the applications running on your system, use showplan and statistics io to evaluate the resource usage of the queries in the applications.