Identify Users and Limits

For each resource limit, specify the object to which the limit applies, for example, all applications used by a particular login, all logins that use a particular application, or a specific application used by a particular login.

An application is a client program that is running on top of SAP ASE, accessed through a particular login. To run an application on SAP ASE, specify its name through the CS_APPNAME connection property using cs_config (an Open Client™ Client-Library™ application) or the DBSETLAPP function in Open Client DB-Library™. To list named applications running on your server, select the program_name column from the master..sysprocesses table.

For more information about the CS_APPNAME connection property, see the Open Client Client-Library/C Reference Manual. For more information on the DBSETLAPP function, see the Open Client DB-Library/C Reference Manual.

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