Partially Logged Operations and Cumulative Dumps

You can use cumulative dumps to incrementally dump the database after a partially logged operation such as select into (when full logging is not enabled), or parallel create index.

The ability to combine cumulative dumps with database dumps and transaction log dumps allows you to perform this example:

dump database D1
dump tran T1
dump tran T2
dump cumulative C1
dump tran T3
dump tran T4
 -- execute a partially logged operation
dump cumulative C2
dump tran T5
dump database D2
dump tran T6
dump cumulative C3

This table shows the allowable load sequence for the example, where you can load the dumps, where you can load the dumps listed on the left side of the table after the ones listed across the top:

Allowable Load Sequences for Partially Logged Operations
  D1 T1 T2 C1 T3 T4 C2 T5 D2 T6 C3
D1 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
T1 Y                    
T2   Y                  
C1 Y Y Y                
T3     Y Y              
T4         Y            
C2 Y Y Y Y Y Y          
T5             Y        
D2 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
T6               Y Y    
C3                 Y Y  

Although you cannot load cumulative dumps into a version earlier than 15.7 SP100, you may load transaction log dumps taken as part of a dump sequence that includes cumulative dumps into an earlier version if you did not perform a partially logged operation.

Warning!  If you performed a partially logged operation, you cannot use the load sequence at all in an earlier version.