Performing Cumulative Dumps

The dump database command allows you to perform a cumulative backup, in which you make a copy of all the pages in the database that have been modified since the last full database dump.

Cumulative backups let you:

You can perform a cumulative dump and load in SAP ASE by specifying the new cumulative option in the dump database and load database commands.

You can have dump-and-load sequences that include a full database dump (using dump database database_name full), a cumulative dump (using dump database database_name cumulative), and transaction log dumps (using dump tran[saction] database_name ).

You can perform a cumulative dump on any database except master and temporary databases. This includes low-durability databases (those created with a durability other than full). Until SP100, only dump database was supported on these databases, as earlier versions did not support load transaction. You can now perform a cumulative dump instead of a transaction log dump and have up-to-the-minute recovery of such databases.

You can also perform cross-platform cumulative dumps.

Note: You cannot perform cumulative dumps in the Cluster Edition.