Editing Rows from the Interactive SQL Result Set

The Edit command allows you to change individual values within a row. You can change any or all of the values within existing rows in database tables. You must have update permission on the columns being modified. When you edit the result set, you can make changes to the values in only one row at a time.

  1. Select the row to edit and choose an edit method:
    • Right-click the result set and choose Edit from the menu.
    • Press F2.
    A blinking cursor appears in the first value in the row.
  2. Press Tab to move the cursor from column to column across the row. You can also edit a value by clicking the value in the selected row.
  3. Enter the new value.
    You cannot enter invalid datatypes into a column. For example, you cannot enter a string datatype into a column that is configured for the int datatype.
  4. Execute a commit statement to make your changes to the table permanent.