Edit Table Values in Interactive SQL

Once you execute a query in Interactive SQL, you can edit the result set to modify the database. You can also select rows from the result set and copy them for use in other applications. Interactive SQL supports editing, inserting, and deleting rows. These actions have the same result as executing update, insert, and delete statements.

Before you can copy, edit, insert, or delete rows, you must execute a query in Interactive SQL that returns a result set on the Results tab in the Results pane. When you edit the result set directly, Interactive SQL creates and executes a SQL statement that makes your change to the database table.

To edit a row or value in the result set, you must have the proper permissions on the table or column you want to modify values from. For example, to delete a row, you must have delete permission for the table the row belongs to.

Editing the result set may fail if you:

When editing fails, an Interactive SQL error message appears explaining the error, and the database table values remain unchanged.

Once you make changes to table values, you must enter a commit statement to make the changes permanent. To undo your changes, you must execute a rollback statement.