Building a New Master Device

You can create a new master device using the dataserver utility.

The master device is built using the build mode in dataserver. After the master device is built, the server shuts down. You must then manually start the server in the start mode. After this you can start, stop, and restart the SAP ASE server whenever necessary without having to rebuild the master device

Note: When you are building a master device you should allow an additional 8K for the config block.

The SAP ASE server uses:

To create a new master device with dataserver, use:

dataserver -ddevice_name
. . . 
	b [master_device_size [k|K|m|M|g|G]
	[-z logical_page_size [k|K]


-d device_name – is the full path name of the device for the master database. The master database device must be writable by the user who starts the SAP ASE server. The default master database device name is d_master.

-b – indicates that dataserver is in build mode and creating a new master device, and indicates the size of the master device. If you do not provide a unit specifier (k, m, g) for the size of the device, dataserver assumes a size in virtual pages. The size of a virtual page is always 2K. For example:

-z – specifies the logical page size, which is always 2K, 4K, 8K, or 16K. This parameter is optional during the build phase and is ignored during the start mode. If you do not include the -z parameter during the build mode, the master device is built with 2K logical pages.

-h – prints the syntax for the dataserver command.

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