Purging Dump Records from Dump History

Purge dump records using SAP Control Center.

Backup Server must be running and you must have dump history enabled. To enable dump history, use:
sp_configure 'enable dump history', 1
See Utility Guide for details on backupserver.
  1. In the Administration Console view, select ASE Servers > Backup/Recovery > Dump Records.
  2. Select Purge.
  3. On the Introduction screen, select the server in which to dump records. You need not authenticate the agent to see the records.
  4. On the Type screen, select the type of dump record to be purged:
    • ALL – purges database objects, transaction dump objects, and server configuration objects.
    • DB – database objects created by dump database.
    • XACT – transaction dump objects created by dump transaction.
    • CONFIG – server configuration objects created by dump configuration
  5. On the Time screen, select a date and time; dump records before and including the selected time will be purged.
  6. On the Status screen, select whether successful or failed records are to be purged. The values allowed are Successful, Failed, and All.
  7. (Optional) Click Summary to view your selected options.