Manage Login Profiles

You can manage login accounts with login profiles that define attributes for individual logins, a subset of logins, or all logins.

A login profile is a collection of attributes that are specific to login accounts. You can manage login accounts attributes by creating login profiles and associating the profile with a login account. You can manage attributes for many login accounts by defining a login profile as: the default for all login accounts, a subset of login accounts, or individual login accounts.

Note: Login profiles are supported in multiple-server or a single-server environments.

When you create or modify a login profile, you can:

Login profiles attributes are associated with login accounts using this precedence:
  1. Attribute values from a login profile that is bound to the login
  2. Attribute values from a default login profile
  3. Values that have been specified using sp_passwordpolicy under these circumstances:
    • A default login profile does not exist
    • A login profile has not been defined and bound to the account
    • The login profile is set to be ignored
  4. The default value for the attribute