Login Profile Properties

Properties of login profiles.

Click the Name field of the login profile, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.

Pages Properties
  • Default database – if not specified, the master database.
  • Default language – if not specified, us_english is the default.
  • Authentication – specify the external authentication mechanism:
    • ANY
    • ASE
    • LDAP
    • PAM

    If you select ANY (the default) as the authentication mechanism, a check is performed for a defined external authentication mechanism. If one exists, it is used. Otherwise, the ASE mechanism is used.

  • Track last login – specify whether to enable last login updates. The default is to track the last login.
  • Stale login inactivity period – specify the length of time a login account can remain inactive before it is locked due to inactivity.
  • Login script – specify a script to be invoked on login.
Logins Displays the login accounts that are bound to the selected login profile.
Roles You can add or remove roles that have been granted to the selected login profile.