Creating a Proxy Database

Create a proxy database using the SAP Control Center Administration Console.


Consider these database attributes:

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand ASE Servers > Schema Objects > Databases.
  2. Click Proxy Databases.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow and select New.
  4. On the Introduction screen, select the server in which to create a database.
  5. On the Database screen, enter the name of the database you want to create.
  6. (Optional) On the Devices screen, enter the size of the new database. If you do not enter a size, the default size allocated is 3MB. You can specify separately the amount of space to allocate to the log and data segments.
  7. (Optional) On the Default Location screen, enter the name of the remote location where you want to store your proxy database. Select For Proxy Update to automatically get metadata from the remote location while creating proxy tables.
  8. (Optional) Click Summary to view your selected options.
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