Workload Management Statistics and Details

The Workload Management window displays, for each instance of the cluster, detailed information on logical clusters, load profiles, routes, and system information.

Tabs on the Workload Management window
Logical Clusters Displays the logical cluster name, state, active connections, base instances, active base instances, failover instances, active failover instances, and load profile name. The possible values for state are: online, offline, failed, inactive, and time_wait. The type may be application, login, or alias.

Routes depicts the name and type of route associated with the selected logical cluster.

Failover Instances depicts the ID, name, state, and failover group of the selected logical cluster.

Base Instances depicts the ID, name, and state of the selected logical cluster.

General depicts the system view, start-up mode, failover mode, down-routing mode, login distribution mode, and logical cluster role for the selected logical cluster.

Workload Scores Displays a list of workloads with information on instance, load profile, load score, user connections score, CPU busy score, run queue length score, I/O load score, engine deficit score, and user score.

Details displays charts depicting load score, and percentage use of the CPU, for a selected workload.

Advanced displays charts depicting run queue length score, and I/O load score, for a selected workload.

Note: Elements of the monitor screens may be updated at different intervals, depending on the mechanism that is used to collect the data. For example, the historical charts are updated based on the frequency of the all_client_kpis collection while the data in the tables on the screen are updated with the frequency that the user has set for the screen refresh interval on the Settings window.
Base Metric Values Displays a list of instances and their user connections, CPU busy percentage, run queue length, I/O load, engine deficit percentage and user percentage.
Load Profiles Displays a list of load profiles with information on name, type, minimum load score, login redirection, and dynamic migration.

Metric Weight for a selected load profile displays user connections, CPU busy, run queue length, and so on, and the corresponding weights associated with the metric.

Routes Displays a list of routes with the name of the route, the logical cluster it is defined on, and the type of route such as alias, application, or login.
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