Monitoring Cluster Instances in Cluster Configurations

The Cluster Instances window displays details about memory and device usage of all cluster instances in an cluster configuration.

Use the Cluster Instances window to gather information about memory usage, processes, user connections, and device I/O per instance of the cluster.
  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select a shared-disk cluster, click the drop-down arrow, and click Monitor.
    The Cluster Instances screen displays information pertaining to each cluster instance.
  2. Select Cluster Instances from the left pane.
  3. (Optional) Click the Details or Advanced tab at the bottom of the screen to display more information about individual instances:
    • Details – displays two charts, Memory Usage and Processes. Memory Usage represents the memory (physical and logical) and cache usage (procedure, statement and data) of a single cluster instance. Processes gives a summary of running, blocking, and blocked processes on a single cluster instance.
    • Advanced – displays graphs Device I/O per Sec, Active Connections, and Engine CPU Utilization. Device I/O per Sec represents the reads and writes of the selected instance during a certain time period. Active Connections represents the number of user connections created on a selected instance during a certain time period. Engine CPU Utilization represents the aggregate CPU utilization by all engines of a selected instance.
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