In-memory Storage Statistics and Details

The in-memory storage window displays information about server in-memory caches, the devices that are created from this cache, and the databases on these devices.

The In-memory Storage table shows details of in-memory storage, including the size and unused size, in megabytes, and the number of partitions. Select a cache in the table to populate the tabs at the bottom of the screen with details about that cache.

Tabs on the In-memory Storage Window
In-memory Devices Shows information about the devices that are created from in-memory storage. Details include name, size, space used, start page and number of pages of memory usage.
In-memory Database Shows information such as name and size of databases that are created on in-memory cache.
Cached Objects Lists the tables and table indexes in the selected data cache, and their cached size, in kilobytes. Click the Cached Size column heading to sort the table by size.
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