Procedure Cache Statistics and Details

The Procedure Cache screen displays information about the contents of the procedure cache, which is a memory pool used for stored procedures and a variety of other objects.

The functions that use the procedure cache are called modules—there are over 20 modules in the system. The bar chart on this screen, Top 10 Procedure Cache Module Users, shows the modules that use the cache most heavily. The Procedural Objects module contains stored procedures; there is also a module for the statement cache. Use the bar chart to see which parts of the system are using the procedure cache.

The Cached Procedures table lists the stored procedures in the cache (in the Procedural Objects Module). For each stored procedure, it gives the name, database name, cached size, owner’s name, compile date, and plan ID.

For cluster configurations, information for each selected instance of the cluster is depicted in the Procedure Cache Summary, and includes the hit ratio, number of stalls or dirty reads, amount of procedure cache memory that is currently in use, and the total procedure cache memory allocated.

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