Configuring a Server for Remote Procedure Calls

Configure server installations to allow request for execution of stored procedures on a remote server from a local server. The result of this request is called a remote procedure call (RPC).

Your choice of RPC handling method affects SAP ASE configuration and login mapping for remote servers. To handle RPCs, you can use either a site handler, or Component Integration Services (CIS).

The default method for handling interaction between local and remote servers is through a site handler, which creates a physical connection between the local server and the remote server. It then creates a logical connection for each RPC to the remote server. SAP ASE creates a site handler for each remote server it connects to. A site handler is used only for connections between two server installations.

You can enable CIS for a server to request execution of stored procedures and access data on a remote server as if it were on the local server. CIS RPC handling is always used for connections involving proxy tables.

The principal difference between the two methods of handling RPCs is how the remote server views the RPC:

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