Graphing Performance Counters: the Statistics Chart

To show performance trends, generate a graph for any set of performance counters over a specified period of time.
Verify that statistical data to be graphed has been collected. To verify data collection, go to the Collection Jobs page of the Resource Properties view and check the History tab for a collection job. You can also look at the resource monitor: if data appears there, data is being collected.
Tip: Data collections start running when a resource is authenticated. A recently authenticated resource might not have accumulated enough data to make a useful graph.
  1. In the Perspective Resources view, click a resource and select Resource > Statistics Chart in the view menu bar.
  2. Expand the folders in the Statistics tab and select the key performance indicator (KPI) you want to graph.
  3. Click Graph Statistic or drag the KPI onto the Chart tab.
    The Chart tab displays the graphed data, while the KPI with its corresponding value and the date and time it was collected appear in the Data tab.
  4. (Optional) Repeat to add KPIs to the graph.
  5. (Optional) Use the slider at the bottom of the Chart tab to control the amount of time covered by the graph, ranging from a minute to a year.
  6. (Optional) Use <<, <, >, and >> to move the displayed graph to an earlier or later time. Increments depend on how the slider is set.
    Tip: The statistics chart displays data covering a fixed period of time, and that period does not change automatically. If you are viewing the most recent statistics and want to keep the graph current, adjust the displayed time period as new statistics are collected.
  7. (Optional) You can click the date/time labels that appear above the slider. Use these to change the start and end time and the chart time span.
  8. (Optional) Click Clear Graph to remove all the graphed statistics and start anew.
Note: You can graph a maximum of five statistics with no more than two distinct units of measure. By default, only 24 hours of statistics are available; change the repository purge options to save statistics for a longer period.
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