Logins, Roles, and Groups

SAP Control Center includes predefined login accounts and roles.

A login account identifies a user who can connect to SAP Control Center. An account has roles that control the tasks the user is allowed to perform. Users can be authenticated through native SCC accounts, but a safer approach is to delegate authentication to the operating system or to an LDAP directory service.

SCC comes with a predefined login account. SAP recommends using the predefined account only for installing, setting up, and testing SAP Control Center. This account is not intended for use in a production environment.

Predefined Login Account
Login Name Description
sccadmin Can use all the administrative features in SAP Control Center. Use for configuration and test.

A role is a predefined profile that can be assigned to a login account or a group. Roles control the access rights for login accounts. SCC comes with predefined roles that are intended for use in production environments.

Predefined Roles
Role Description
sccUserRole Provides nonadministrative access to SAP Control Center. Required for all users and assigned automatically to every authenticated user.
sccAdminRole Provides administrative privileges for managing SAP Control Center.

Monitoring privileges for SCC product modules are assigned automatically.

A group is made up of one or more login accounts; all the accounts in a group have the roles granted to the group. SCC lets you create groups to suit your business requirements.

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