Assigning a Role to a Login or a Group

Use the security configuration options to add one or more roles to an SAP Control Center login account or to a group. Roles enable users to perform tasks such as monitoring servers or administering SAP Control Center.

You must have administrative privileges (sccAdminRole) to perform this task. To assign a monitoring role for a server, first register the server.
Assign the sccAdminRole to any login account that will perform administrative tasks in SAP Control Center.
  1. From the application menu bar, select Application > Administration.
  2. In the SAP Control Center Properties dialog, expand the Security folder.
  3. Click Logins or Groups.
  4. In the table, select the login account or group to which you want to assign a role.
  5. Click the Roles tab.
  6. In the Available roles for resource list, select the role, then click Add. For example, to grant administrative privileges, add the SCC Service:sccAdminRole. To grant monitoring privileges, add the MonitorRole for the desired server and server type.
    Note: SAP Control Center product modules assign certain roles automatically, so you might not need to add a MonitorRole.
    If a role appears in the Has following roles list, this account or group has already been configured with that role.
  7. Click OK.
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