Adding a Login Account to the System

Use the security configuration options to create a native login account in SAP Control Center.

Note: SAP does not recommend that you manually create a native login account for every SAP Control Center user. It is more efficient to configure SAP Control Center to authenticate users through their user accounts in LDAP or the operating system. When you do that, SCC automatically creates a native account for every authenticated user.
  1. From the main menu bar, select Application > Administration.
  2. In the SAP Control Center Properties dialog, expand the Security folder.
  3. Select Logins.
  4. Click Create Login.
  5. Enter a login name and expiration for the new account. Expiration is optional.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select Specify new user information.
  8. Enter details about the user:
    • Title
    • First name*
    • M.I. (middle initial)
    • Last name*
    • Suffix
    • E-mail address*
    • Phone
    • Ext.
    • Fax
    • Mobile
    • Supports text messaging (checkbox)

    *You must fill in the First Name, Last Name, and E-mail Address fields.

  9. Click Finish.
Grant privileges to the new login account. You can grant privileges by assigning SAP Control Center roles directly to the login accounts, or by assigning the login accounts to groups and mapping SAP Control Center roles to the groups. The group approach is generally more efficient.
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